welcome to purple's corner of the internet!

purple's corner


hello and welcome! i go by purple. i'm an artist that mainly paints watercolour pieces but i also gif. here's a link to my tumblr, you can follow the links to the gif sideblogs.

professionally i work as a translator and am currently in graduate school. you'll probably also see some thesis journaling here.

basic info

  • goes by: purple, ez, 246
  • made in 90s
  • uses they/them
  • gemini sun, aries rising
  • has trouble listing hobbies, just likes art in all forms
  • favourites

    authors: neil gaiman, lewis carroll, tamsyn muir, gail carriger
    poets: ovid, catullus, coleridge, keats, byron, mary oliver

    artists: the amazing devil, iu, snsd, ariana grande, dean, exid, fromm, nelly furtado, destiny's child, ne-yo